Some Information about Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Token

Meme tokens have opened a new door to the crypto industry, making it more accessible. Many people have been unable to grasp the blockchain industry for years.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG), may just be the best thing for cat lovers. This is especially true for cat lovers who are trying to find their way into crypto. While the process will still involve some people, their love of cats might allow it to move more easily.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG), inspired by a cute kitten is all that the fans of this cute animal should know. Big Eyes Coin is here to help you navigate the crypto industry. It will introduce you to the next major meme coin and its platform, Big Eyes.

Big Eyes Coin comes at a time meme coins are well-known and have received acceptance from individuals in and outside the crypto industry. There are those who are interested in this token because they love cats, and there are also crypto enthusiasts who see its potential.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a fully-on community token, was created with the intent of shifting wealth into defi ecosystems and protecting an important part the world’s ecosystem.

Tokens that are community-biased generate wealth for their community and charity. Big Eyes Coin however, wants to do more. Big Eyes intends to create a blockchain ecosystem that promotes hyper-growth through the use of NFTs. This will allow for more content and events to make the blockchain industry hype-ship even more worth boarding.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin was originally created as a fun token and innovation. While that may have initially seemed exhausting, Big Eyes decided that it could be used as a strength and uses its cuteness to attract people to the platform.

The Big Eyes Coin (BIG), a cryptocurrency for cat lovers, has been launched. It will be to the benefit of Big Eyes, the meme coins and the crypto industry.

What are Big Eyes? How does it work?

Big Eyes, like other meme coin projects, seems to be focused on growing the community of its holders and not focusing on the token’s utility beyond speculation. The success of Big Eyes in attracting and maintaining large communities could be a major factor in the price.

The Big Eyes roadmap includes initiatives to grow the community as well as various decentralized finance products (DeFi), specifically designed for BIG token holders. Big Eyes plans, for example, to launch a platform that allows token holders to swap tokens and a bridge that allows them transfer tokens between blockchain platforms. This approach is similar to other meme coins like Shiba Inu or SHIB.

The Big Eyes roadmap also includes the following goals:

  • Marketing and media stunts to increase the public’s awareness of the project
  • Audits to verify that the smart contract of the token is secure
  • Donations to charities
  • Secure BIG Listings on different crypto trading platforms
  • Sell and design Big Eyes-themed merchandise

Big Eyes is not like other meme coins. It does not have a buy or sell tax. This could encourage users to use BIG actively.

Big Eyes is anonymous because all its founders are pseudonymous.

Big Eyes supplies

There is a limit on how many Big Eyes tokens may be issued. The BIG maximum supply is 200 billion tokens. It is planned that community members will hold the lion’s share in the BIG supply. This is how the BIG supply will be distributed.

  • 70% Public presale
  • Exchanges (liquidity): 20%
  • Charity wallet: 5%
  • Marketing wallet: 5%

After the token’s launch, 80% of the total BIG supply is expected to be in circulation. According to Big Eyes, the initial liquidity pool is locked for two years.

Big Eyes token sale

Through a public pre-sale, the Big Eyes team raised funds to support the project. Anyone could access it with an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask. The goal was to raise $1.95million USDT.

The token sale started at $0.0001. This would mean that the market capitalization of Big Eyes would be $20 million if the token was sold at $0.0001 and there was no supply of Big Eyes.

After a certain number of BIG coins were sold, however, the BIG coin’s price gradually rose. You can find the Big Eyes price today, as well as the most up-to-date chart of the BIG price, on CoinCodex.


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