Best Crypto Exchanges In The UK

The cryptocurrency exchange you choose is important. How profitable your trades are will determine how easy it is to buy and sell coins and whether it can be used in the UK.

You’ve found the best secure and safe crypto exchange. It’s compatible with all the major financial institutions in the UK.

These are my top choices for the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the UK.

Which are the Best Crypto Exchanges in The UK?

1. CEX.IO – UK-Friendly

Country: Great Britain, one of the most trusted fiat-to-crypto exchanges, has its London offices. This physical presence is enhanced by the wide range of investment and trading tools the company offers to existing and new cryptocurrency investors.


  • A quick Buy and Sell widget to crypto investors
  • Spot and margin trading
  • Savings products and crypto staking
  • Crypto-collateralized loans.
  • An app that can be used on the go by investors
  • offers an affiliate program to marketers and influencers.


  • Maker 0.1%, Taker 0.2%
  • Card deposits 2.99%
  • Visa card withdrawals: Visa, 3.3% + 1.20 Mastercard, 1.8% + 1.20.

2. Binance – The Cheapest

Binance is an excellent choice if you are looking for a fast and reliable cryptocurrency exchange with low fees. It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world by daily spot trading volume. Users can access it from all countries, including the UK. Binance is the most secure platform after years of safe operations.


  • Instant “Buy and sell” crypto option
  • Visa cards are used to convert and spend crypto.
  • Platform for P2P trading
  • OTC Desk for institutional and large traders
  • Access to crypto-collateralized loans.
  • Binance Academy offers educational content to new investors.
  • There are many trading interfaces to suit the user’s needs.
  • Interest-paying crypto products, staking and other services


  • Make 0.1%, Taker 0.1% (the lowest fees possible when you use BNB).
  • GBP and EUR transactions are free of withdrawal and deposit fees.

3. 7b – No KYC Requirement

7b is a cryptocurrency broker created by a team of over 10 years trading experience. You can access the service via a mobile app (Android) or a web browser. The broker offers withdrawals of up to 2BTC with no KYC verification.


  • There are many trading tools for both beginners and professionals.
  • Excellent security;
  • Round-the-clock customer support;
  • App interface intuitively friendly
  • Possibility of trading over 400 coins

Fees The commission is dependent on the pair

4. Capital – Best Overall

Capital lets you trade crypto along with stocks, commodity, forex, market indexes, ETFs, and many other assets without any trading fees. It supports 100+ cryptocurrency and allows users to trade with 2x leverage crypto (upto 500x leverage for other assets).

The spread is very tight, ranging from 0.1% to 0.3% depending on the asset. This makes the platform extremely affordable (0% trading commissions + 0.1%- 0.3% spreads). It offers a fully functioning desktop platform, a highly rated mobile app ( HTML5 for Android and iOS), as well as an excellent demo account that allows you to trade with real assets in real time.


  • Zero commissions on trading
  • Tight spreads (0.1% – 0.3%)
  • Supports 100+ cryptocurrencies
  • Up to 500x leverage (2x on crypto).
  • Demo account fully functional for paper trading
  • Deposits and withdrawals are free via debit/credit card, bank transfer, POLi (paypal), Apple Pay, and bank transfer.
  • You can reach your dedicated account manager at any time
  • Excellent desktop trading platform
  • Highly rated mobile app (4.7/5 both on Apple and Google).
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), licensed
  • For exceedingly high information security standards, ISO 27001 certification is required


  • Trading Fees: 0%
  • Spreads: 0.1% – 0.3%
  • Withdrawals & Deposits : No Charge

5., a global leader in crypto investing, offers a proven exchange and mature platform to investors. It supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies making it a great choice for those looking to invest in unknown alt coins. has unique features that other cryptocurrency exchanges cannot match. When they feel confident about a particular coin, users can trade options or futures contracts and earn interest by stake their coins. has also invested a large amount of money in its platform security. This makes trading with them very safe. Day traders have an advantage because prices are updated multiple times per second, which makes the exchange lightning fast. is a great exchange for investors who want to cash in on new altcoins.


  • Average trading fees (0,4%)
  • Supports 100+ cryptocurrencies
  • You can leverage up to 10x
  • Trade crypto derivatives (futures or options contracts)
  • Daily interest can be earned by staking your coins
  • Buy newly listed coins up to 50% off
  • All cryptocurrencies allow for free deposits


  • Free Account Opening
  • Trading Fees – 0.4%

6. Plus500

Plus500 , a leveraged trading platform with its headquarters in Israel, is Plus500 . It is one of the most popular investing platforms, and has millions of active traders around the world. Plus500 supports 20+ cryptocurrency assets, which includes a mix cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and promising altcoins such as Polygon, Solana and Cardano.

Plus500 Markets aggregates prices from many data source to provide very competitive prices. You can also get up to 2x leverage for all crypto investments. To reduce the risk of losing assets, investors can set up price alerts as well as stop orders in two forms: Trailing Stop and Stop Loss.

Plus500 does not charge trading fees. In fact, they only charge Overnight Financing for positions held after a specified time and Currency Conversion fees for trades in currencies other than those in your account.

Plus500 users have access to most financial instruments including stocks, ETFs and CFDs. Their mobile app is compatible with iOS (rating 4.3/5 rating) and Android (rating rating ). They have received excellent reviews from Trustpilot and an average rating of HTML2_.


  • More than 20 cryptocurrency pairs supported
  • Global markets for stocks, ETFs and stocks, as well as CFDs and FX.
  • Demo account
  • Supports 2x leverage on crypto assets


  • Trading Fees – Free
  • Overnight Financing: It depends on the asset (0.02% to 0.05% for BTC).
  • Spread: It all depends on the asset (0.3% BTC).

7. KuCoin

KuCoin, a cryptocurrency exchange, was founded in Hong Kong in 2017. It bills itself as “The People’s Exchange”. In just four years, it has attracted more than 8 million users .

KuCoin allows you to buy and sell crypto. It also supports four order types, margins and futures. KuCoin Trading Bots is one of the most important features. It allows users to use dollar-cost average to automate their investments.

All new KuCoin customers will be eligible for a $10 bonus and, if you are willing to store your crypto for a limited time, you could earn as much as 10% interest. KuCoin is serious about security, offering features such as multifactor authentication and encryption.


  • Trading fees can be discounted based on KuCoin Token balances.
  • Margin trading
  • Earn up to 10% interest by Crypto Staking
  • KuCoin Trading Bots – Invest on Autopilot using Dollar-cost Averaging
  • More than 600 cryptocurrencies supported
  • Supports market, limit and stop-limit orders.


  • Trading Fees – From 0.0125% up to 0.1%
  • Makers’ Fees: From 0.015% to 0.1%
  • Takers fees: From 0.015% to 0.1%
  • Deposit Fees – Free
  • Withdrawal fees: It depends on the coin (For Bitcoin: 0.0005 BTC).

8. Bitstamp

Bitstamp is the oldest and largest crypto exchange in the world. It is targeted at experienced traders and has more than 4 million users. It charges low fees, ranging from 0.1% up to 0.5%. There are many payment options available: you can use credit cards or debit cards. You can also make SEPA transfers.

Bitstamp has partnered with major financial institutions such as Swissquote and Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Bitstamp insures all your assets and keeps them safe offline in cold storage. Bitstamp offers both hot and cold storage.

After funding their account, new Bistampusers get a $20 bonus. You can use this to immediately buy any 53 cryptocurrencies.


  • Trading fees extremely low (0.1%-0.5%)
  • You can buy crypto using fiat currency, credit cards, or bank transfers
  • Support available 24/7 via email, chat, or phone
  • Instant account verification
  • Supports 53 of largest cryptocurrencies
  • Access to a cryptocurrency wallet
  • Cold and hot wallet storage


  • Account Opening – Free
  • Credit Cards: 5%
  • Debit card Withdrawal Flat $10 (USD).
  • SEPA Fees : EUR0 for deposits, EUR3 to withdraw
  • Trading Fees – From 0.5% to 0.1% (0.05% for trades under $10,000)
  • International Wire Transfer: 0.1% for withdrawals, 0.05% for deposits

9. BC Bitcoin – Best crypto broker

BC Bitcoin is a UK-based crypto broker and exchange that specializes in a wide range of cryptocurrencies. This professional and trusted service is available to those who are looking for reliable brokers.


  • It’s easy to buy and sell.
  • Swap of coins

Native Coinmama, another cryptocurrency exchange, was launched in 2013. It boasts more than two million users, and it is accessible to users in over 182 countries, including the United Kingdom.


  • Purchases of a Card – 5.00%
  • Selling Crypto at 2.90%

10. Coinmama – The Fastest

Coinmama, another cryptocurrency exchange, was launched in 2013. It boasts more than two million users, and it is accessible to users in more than 188 countries including the United Kingdom.


  • Purchases of a Card – 5.00%
  • Selling Crypto at 2.90%


  • An easy interface to buy and sell crypto.
  • Instant delivery of crypto purchased for debit card purchases
  • For spending crypto, a virtual debit card.
  • Limits on high-spending crypto-purchases
  • Support for large-cap cryptocurrency.
  • Affiliate program

11. BitPanda

BitPanda was launched in 2014. It primarily caters to the European market and includes UK users. The exchange offers a wide range of services, making it a one-stop shop for crypto market access.


  • Buy and sell crypto at a discounted of 1.49%
  • Maker, 0.1%; Taker, 0.15%


  • Multiple fiat deposit options
  • A crypto index is a way to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies through one channel.
  • You can earn interest on your crypto assets by saving with savings products
  • Professional traders will find a richly-featured trading interface.
  • New investors have access to educational resources.
  • Bitpanda offers a mobile application for iOS and Android.

12. Yobit — Best Altcoin Exchange

YoBit is a great exchange for altcoin trading. CoinMarketCap reports that Yobit lists over 300 trading pairs, and has up to $45 Million in daily trading volume.


  • A simple and intuitive trading interface that displays user balances.
  • Support for many altcoins, including some that you have never heard of.
  • Chat with the community live on the site
  • New users get free coins

Fees: 0.2% per trade.

13. CoinJar UK

CoinJar serves Europe and the UK as a local cryptocurrency exchange. It is user-friendly and colorful.


  • Conversion to cryptocurrency
  • Direct deposits and withdrawals from and to UK bank accounts.
  • Available on mobile (Android, iOS) and web.
  • Supports Bitcoin and several large-cap altcoins.
  • A platform that allows professional traders to trade on an exchange.
  • OTC trading desk.
  • A Cryptocurrency debit card.

Fees1% Flat for Buy and Sell Orders

14. Coinbase

The Coinbase, a San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange, offers its services to European customers. It has over 30 million users.


  • Native support for GBP/EUR deposits
  • Purchases of Credit and Debit cards
  • Deposited crypto assets are covered by insurance
  • Professional traders can use Coinbase Pro to trade on the exchange (Coinbase Pro).
  • Popular proof-of-stake coin options can be staked.
  • High security standards are applied to both client and platform asset storage.


  • Card purchases at 3.99%
  • 0.25 Taker, 0.15 Maker (Coinbase Pro)

15. Bittrex

Bittrex was launched in 2014, and is primarily for professional traders. There are many other platforms that make it easier to purchase Bitcoin as a retail investor.


  • Secure client assets with robust security features
  • Deep liquidity in all listed trading pairs
  • Leveraged tokens that track the price of large-cap alts.
  • Affiliate Program
  • Most of the most traded cryptocurrencies are supported.
  • Mobile app for traders on the go

Fees: 0.2 Maker, 0.2 Taker.


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